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Multi Layered Block Prints

These multi layered block prints are the result of many months of  experimentation. Starting with drawings from meadows Yanny adapts the design to be cut out with a laser. The resulting block is then inked up and printed using a large roller. As the oil based ink resists the watercolour added afterwards a pleasing ‘stained glass’ effect is achieved. Each print is unique.


These prints are inspired by Japanese print techniques which Yanny has always admired.

Mono Prints

Water based ink is applied to a pressed plant or flower and a limited series of prints is created. This technique of using plants to produce prints dates from the Renaissance when they were used in medical and herbal books. Leonardo da Vinci is known to have experimented with this technique.


Yanny is interested in exploring the random effect created by the method of printing rather than trying to create exact examples of specimens. The careful application of colour brings out the essence of the plant while the slightly unpredictable nature of the technique lends a certain element of discovery to the often remarkable balance between detail and abstraction.


Editions or series are limited to small numbers and within an edition each print will vary. Each print is therefore unique.

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