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'Hedgerow, stories from a linear world' solo exhibition

Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin 

October 13th to November 17th 2019

In this exhibition Yanny presented a series of Verre Eglomisé paintings, watercolours and drawings from that iconic element of the Irish countryside, the Hedgerow. Exploring her local hedgerows she drew on this many-faceted world to create gilded and painted treasures to inspire the viewer, that we might seek out the wonders of what we so often discount as a bunch of weeds! At a time when farming practices are changing in scale many of these valuable habitats are being removed. While we might plant new hedges, it is the ancient ones which support up to 3,000 organisms from flowers and trees, birds and animals to insects and microscopic creatures, without which our land would become desolate. In her work, Yanny raises awareness of our wild plants, opening our eyes to a myriad of wonders in our local environment. It's not just a bunch of weeds, but truly amazing and beautifully evolved species living in symbiotic harmony. 

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